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As Clomid can help you to treat infertility

Clomid is a drug for women, which can be used for treating female infertility. Poor ovulation may be the reason why a woman may have trouble getting pregnant. If you are trying to conceive for some time and failed, you should go to your doctor and be diagnosed to find out the reasons for which you may have this problem. Poor ovulation not only the reason why a woman may experience problems with getting pregnant , but if it means that you can be treated with medication , and in particular with Clomid.

This drug should only be prescribed by a doctor . You will not take this medication every day, but treatment can last up to six months . You take this medication , or 3-7 days for the beginning of your cycle or through 5-9 days . The initial dose of this medication, you may be instructed to take 50 mg a day, but the dose can be changed at a higher dose . The maximum dose of this medication , which can be taken per day is 250 mg .

There are no known drug to interact with Clomid, however, you must additionally ask your doctor if you should use Clomid along with some other drugs. This drug is considered highly effective . There are a number of side effects which may be caused by this treatment . What should you do if you experience side effects after using Clomid consult with your doctor.

Clomid is the right medication for everyon?

Unfortunately, Clomid is not a cure , which is suitable for all . This drug is not suitable for people who have an allergic reaction to it . In addition , this drug is not suitable for people who have the following conditions :

1. uterine fibroids ; 2. may be pregnant ; 3. thyroid problem or another endocrine disorder ; 4. endometriosis or endometrial cancer ; 5. liver disease; 6. diagnosed vaginal bleeding; 7. ovarian cysts or ovarian enlargement not due to polycystic ovarian syndrome ; 8. any serious or chronic medical illness.