How John Schultz is Working Smarter, Not Harder, as a Tenant Rep Broker

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John Schultz is a commercial real estate broker at MacKenzie Retail in Baltimore, Maryland. With a drive to help retailers continually find their next location, John juggles a lot in any given day: site reviews, lease negotiations, market tours, and much more. And he works in multiple markets, with multiple clients. He’s also a strong family man who’s committed to making time for his wife and two kids.  How does he keep up?  He works smart.

Just like the guy in this video…

Datastory’s maps and apps allow tenant reps like John to work more efficiently.

There’s no denying that John is a real estate rock star. He was his firm’s top producer in 2014, and he’s not shy about admitting that a large part of his success is because of his “tenant rep map” that gives him ready access to local knowledge in Maryland, Tennessee, Florida, and anywhere else he’s doing business.

John’s “not-so-secret” key to success – Mack.Maps, is a collection of data, maps, and apps powered by ArcGIS Online. Deployed and maintained by Datastory, Mack.Maps helps John and 40+ brokers at his firm work more efficiently. Through a collaborative collection of secure, web-based maps, John and his team can understand local market dynamics and uncover often-hidden opportunities to find the best sites for clients.

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