Whether through merger, acquisition, consolidation, or growth, bankers are rapidly evolving their business strategy. Datastory equips bankers with a location analytics platform that provides helpful, decideable data.

Our clients enjoy a map-based business dashboard that provides nimble access to data about the bank’s lease portfolio, customers, and competition. This unique, integrated view of the business informs decisions about the real estate portfolio. Additionally, map-based market characterization helps lenders quantify market potential and risk when underwriting a commercial loan.

When you establish this integrated platform, other departments can build upon the data and analytics within the organization. For example, the marketing department can reuse market information you applied during site selection by aligning a marketing message for that local community. And the IT department can repurpose lease locations into an interactive map that helps customers find the closest branch or ATM.

We Help Banking Clients Ask & Answer Questions Like These

Commercial Lender

Does the market support this borrower’s business?
View market trends beyond a business plan.

Loan Underwriter

How risky is this loan?
Get insight beyond typical underwriting data.

Branch Manager

How do we best serve clientele at this branch?
Understand the lifestyle of the people that come to each specific location.

VP of Operations

How can I quickly access lease information for a location in another state?
Turn a reactive lease renewal process into a proactive portfolio strategy that saves money.

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