Datastory | Serving Economic Development Clients
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Economic Development

Datastory partners with economic development agencies to help their jurisdictions shine. Economic developers can easily say what is true and unique about their state, county, city, or town. Datastory helps you tell that story in a way that differentiates your jurisdiction from others.

Using location analytics, we reveal opportunities that match businesses with communities. We create portals that share localized data about demographics, traffic, and tax incentives to developers and investors. We help our clients author Story Maps that engage prospects and tell the story about what is and what will be in the community.

Many times, economic development agencies struggle with getting data and maps from government sources. We know how to bridge that gap.

When helpful data exists, we translate “GIS geek-speak” to be relevant to businesses. When good data doesn’t yet exist, we deploy tools that help our clients collect what’s needed from the field.

Positioning your community is about presenting data and framing it in credible story. This is what Datastory does.

We Help Economic Development Clients Ask & Answer Questions Like These

Public Relations Director

What’s the most compelling way to highlight my jurisdiction?
Engage prospects and differentiate your opportunities with Story Maps.

Executive Director

How can I convey what “will be” in the future?
Author maps that reveal the future by showing plans and virtual scenes of future development.


Where is the best source of data about my jurisdiction?
Create a portal that establishes you as the authoritative source of data for prospects.

Urban Planner

What’s the best use for this development opportunity?
Discover what each site “wants to be” based on the data for that market.

Case Stories