Datastory provides healthcare clients with insight that helps navigate a rapidly growing industry in an ever-changing business climate.

We begin by clarifying who your patients are. Beyond simple names and addresses, we can understand their demographics and lifestyles. This insight informs decisions about where to open the next office and how to staff the ones already in place. For example, if a large percentage of patients are characterized as people who enjoy “laptops and lattes,” it’s probably a good idea to take down that “no cell phones” sign in the waiting room and make sure that appointments can be made and rescheduled online.

Our clients also experience the benefits of Datastory’s map-based business dashboard that offers an operational awareness not possible in traditional software. From this dynamic platform, practice administrators can proactively manage lease renewals for multi-site practices, and physicians can orient referrals based on location in addition to speciality. This same platform can be extended to include interactive maps for patients that show office locations on a website.

We Help Healthcare Clients Ask & Answer Questions Like These

Practice Manager

Where should we open our next office?
Clarify your growth strategy with unrivaled data sets.

Marketing Director

To whom should we align our marketing message(s)?
Profile the lifestyle of your patients to understand what matters to them.

Physician Director

How do we staff each practice to best serve our patients in a local sub-market?
Know more about every person your organization touches, including clients and staff.

VP of Hospital Operations

What is our regional growth strategy?
See the big picture of how your business is helping people and how you can do more.

Case Stories

Retina Associates

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