Datastory empowers non-profits to have greater impact on the communities they serve. We offer insight into the hearts and minds of members and donors so they can align their marketing message accordingly. And we equip them with tools to measure the impact they’re having by creating map-based business dashboards that provide simple access to rich data.

Our approach involves location analytics that transform lists of people into points on a map. The data is then enriched with demographic and lifestyle characteristics that give insight into fundraising and engagement strategies. When the “ask” is right-sized, the results are maximized.

We’re also passionate about helping people tell their stories well. And we believe that Story Maps are the best way to do this. Too often, the great stories go untold, or are poorly articulated. But sharing the faces and places through an interactive map amplifies and clarifies your message to legislators, donors, volunteers, and communities.

We Help Non-Profit Clients Ask & Answer Questions Like These

Development Director

Where can I find the people most inclined to join or donate to my cause?
Understand the passion and potential of your most committed partners and find more like them.

Membership Coordinator

Who are my members and how can I best serve them?
Gain deep insight into the lifestyle characteristics of your stakeholders.

Legislative Liaison

How do I make a compelling case that influences legislation?
Tell powerful stories using interactive maps that move people to action.

Executive Director

What is the best way to measure my impact on the community?
Quantify results by geography and realign resources to maximize results.

Case Stories

NAIOP Maryland

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