Real Estate

Real estate is about “location, location, location” because of the people served by that location. Datastory serves real estate professionals by using maps to reveal hidden patterns in data about a location and translate that into meaningful insight about people. We create tools for you to have a new kind of visual collaboration with your clients.

While most real estate professionals use maps to simply show where something is, our clients use maps to know why something is. This unique vantage point leads to great decisions that maximize profitability and strengthen collaboration and trust in business relationships.

Datastory serves a wide variety of real estate professionals that include developers, brokers, investors, franchisees, and real estate managers within small and large businesses. And while each has unique decisions to be made, our approach is consistent: provide data-driven insight that leads to better decisions, faster.

We believe that the best real estate deals happen when it’s a win-win-win for all parties. Tenants find the right landlords, landlords have healthy tenants, communities get businesses that are a “good fit,” and the broker gets the deal done faster.

We Help Real Estate Clients Ask & Answer Questions Like These


What does this site want to be?

See the “invisible reality” of data, people, geography, infrastructure, and more that reveals the highest and best use for a site.

Business Owner

Where is my best opportunity to expand in this market?

Discover hidden possibilities for gaining market share.


Where can I find authoritative data from local government?

Access hyperlocal data for your clients, including zoning, traffic counts, ownership, and new development.


How many stores can I build in this territory?

Define your market footprint BEFORE you buy that franchise area.

REIT Manager

How do I improve my portfolio with my next acquisition?

Have remarkable clarity about each of your properties and an understanding of specific profit opportunities.

Case Stories

Stellar Development

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