Datastory helps retailers use location analytics to find sweet spots in the marketplace and capture that market share. We do this by using the integrative power of maps to combine

  1. information about customers and competition with
  2. deep market knowledge (demographics, lifestyles, consumer expenditures) and
  3. detailed hyperlocal data (traffic counts, zoning, new development, tax incentives).

For many in the retail industry, these questions are answered in a fragmented way by tapping into each data source individually. Time is often wasted trolling through government websites, generating out-dated demographics, and assembling paper reports. Datastory clients enjoy the integrative power of maps that provide a single mashup view of relevant data using a map-based business dashboard. This enables richer analysis in less time, freeing up decision makers to actually make decisions instead of researching data.

In every case, there’s a story hiding in the data that is discoverable through the analytical lens of a map. Revealing that story fuels insight for better decisions about real estate and marketing. These data-driven decisions can then be easily shared with stakeholders to rapidly build consensus and make better decisions faster.

We Help Retail Clients Ask & Answer Questions Like These

Director of Real Estate

Where should I open my next store?
Identify underserved markets and out-position the competition.

Sales Manager

Who are my best customers and where can I find more of them?
Profile your people to learn about their lifestyles and use that to find more.

Director of Marketing

Who am I not reaching with my current marketing message?
Re-orient your marketing message to serve new populations and grow market share.


How can I optimize my portfolio of leases to reduce costs?
Turn a reactive lease renewal process into a proactive portfolio strategy that saves money.

Case Stories