Introducing Date-a-story

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Because it’s their story that matters most.

We’re always looking for ways to make data more meaningful. And today we’re pleased to introduce Date-a-story, our patent pending, map-centric methodology to help you find your perfect mate.

HOW IT WORKS: Using world class data and technology from Esri, Date-a-story helps you understand the patterns of what’s worked well (and what hasn’t) in your past relationships. That insight is then translated onto a map to show you where you’re most likely to find your perfect mate.

We’ve unlocked the secret to meaningful relationships, and it’s all about maps!

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April Fools! These are absolutely bogus stories, crafted solely to make you laugh. 
While Date-a-story is not a real service, the underlying technology is legit. Datastory uses this same data-driven approach to help retailers, healthcare practices, corporations, non-profits, and professional associations, find new customers, patients, employees, donors, and members.