Location Intelligence: Fueling Better Decisions

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Most of us think we know our communities, businesses, and customers like the backs of our hands. But many organizations make important strategic and tactical decisions based on little more than intuition.

One way to start making better, more confident decisions is by enhancing our location intelligence.

What is Location Intelligence?

Intelligence is our capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, reasoning, planning, creativity, and problem solving.

Location intelligence is our capacity to organize and understand the relationship between information in its geographic context.

Location intelligence heightens our awareness of the spatial relationships between many kinds of information. It improves our ability to create meaningful strategies and tactical decisions.

When incorporated into the process of making a business decision, location intelligence helps us understand and reveal relationships between some of the most important elements of our business:

  • People
  • Events
  • Transactions
  • Facilities
  • Assets

The 4 Pillars of Location Intelligence

Location intelligence is heightened by our ability to:

  • VISUALIZE data geographically. Seeing our data on a map accelerates our ability to understand it. Our visual sense makes it possible to take in a vast amount of information at once.
  • CONTEXTUALIZE data. Observing information in relation to other types of data adds necessary meaning.
  • ANALYZE the relationship of multiple data layers. This helps us discern patterns such as proximity and connectivity, which elevates our ability to generate meaningful insights.
  • SOCIALIZE insights and decisions. At some point, most decision makers have to communicate their rationale or get buy-in from collaborating stakeholders. Better decisions happen when we convey our understanding clearly.

Improving our location intelligence by focusing on these pillars can fundamentally transform our ability to make data-grounded business decisions.

Discover Your Location Intelligence

Datastory exists to elevate the location intelligence of our clients. We deliver apps and services that give frictionless access to the best data and technology available. We help decision makers spend less time preparing to make decisions, and more time learning, collaborating, and maximizing impact.

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