MapDash: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Decision Makers

  |   Location Intelligence

Imagine that you’re about to make a major strategic decision for your organization:

  • Where to open a new location.
  • Where to place advertisements.
  • How to allocate financial resources.

Now, think about all of the information you’d want to know before you make that decision, and all of the things you’d need to do just to find it – let alone understand it and make a case for it.

We developed MapDash to equip leaders with everything they need to make faster, better decisions.

Intuition vs. Data-Grounded Decisions

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology influences most of our lives in some way. For nearly 25 years, I’ve worked with GIS and seen it evolve to help those “in the know” study epidemics, make sure we all have clean water to drink, respond to natural disasters, and direct the sustainable growth of communities.

At the same time, there is a deep divide between those in science & government – who leverage GIS to elevate their location intelligence about a specific issue – and those in business, who tend to lead from a natural sense of location intelligence.

Experienced executives often cite an ability to intuitively understand the communities they serve, whether they’re in retail, healthcare, banking, or community development.

But as demographics, policy, and culture change communities faster than ever before, it’s no longer enough to “lead from the gut.” And as GIS keeps evolving, it’s becoming harder for those without a technical background to translate the enormous amount of data and software available into a meaningful plan of action.

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Business

Datastory has grown to bridge the gap between proven science and technology and business needs that require a more data-grounded approach to decision-making.

From the start, we saw clear patterns in executives’ decision-making needs: how they wanted to visualize, contextualize, analyze, and communicate their data.

We planned deliberately and invested significant time and energy into building a solution that would deliver this value to every client. It would serve as a data-grounded foundation on which a busy executive could make a confident decision.

We called it MapDash.

Everything Decision Makers Need – At Their Fingertips

MapDash solves important business problems right out of the gate by taming the wild, wonderful universe of all that companies like Esri have to offer.

Our users draw from a deep well of data to understand communities of interest. The map is designed so that users can interact with it easily and intuitively to find out all there is to know.


MapDash empowers you to visualize your data, in context, at any time, so that you can analyze it and make a confident decision. MapDash makes it easy to see the story that your data is telling and share that with stakeholders – whether they’re well-versed in GIS or not.

By leveraging the best sources of data and proven Esri technology, MapDash helps guide your decision making process and give a voice to your data.

Make better decisions, faster, with confidence using MapDash.