MapDash™ for Faith Communities

MapDash™ for Faith Communities is a map-based missional assessment and planning dashboard that enables congregational and judicatory leaders to explore and analyze a rich collection of data about the neighborhoods, communities, and regions they serve, and empowers them to make faster and more effective strategic missional planning decisions by enabling data-grounded discernment.

variety of data from multiple sources

Access to All the Right Data

MapDash integrates congregational data with demographic and lifestyle statistics, drawing from a deep well of trusted local, state, federal, and private data sources.

MapDash enables you to explore and analyze your community, overlay and understand multiple data layers, visualize data previously obscured in spreadsheets, and more. MapDash’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily manage and explore multiple layers of information, providing relevant and helpful perspectives for your missional planning.

practical relevant data for missional insight

Powerful and Practical Analytics

MapDash includes analysis tools that help you

  • Gain insight into congregational vitality and sustainability.
  • Anticipate and identify areas of high opportunity for starting new congregations or redeveloping existing ones.
  • Understand the lifestyles and habits of people in your neighborhoods.
  • And much, much more…
Strategic Missional Consulting delivered via FaithX, a Datastory Affiliate

Strategic Missional Consulting

Delivered through FaithX (a Datastory affiliate) MapDash subscribers can gain access to training and consulting that will elevate Missional Intelligence and sharpen their vision to create context-sensitive ministries and programs. Through a collaborative program of consultation and coaching, you will gain:

  • A broader understanding of the health of congregations, neighborhood demographic trends, and the opportunities for missional engagement between congregations and neighborhoods.
  • A deeper level of discernment about how and where God is already at work in communities and neighborhoods.
  • A clearer vision for what God is calling congregations to be and to do in response to what they have learned about their communities and how God is already at work in them.
  • A living and tested strategy for engaging identified missional opportunities.

Ready to use MapDash to reveal the story
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