Mapmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Map

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Aligning your business with the hearts of the people you serve.

Back in the 1830’s, an unknown Victorian lady created a new perspective on love. She inked two maps of the human heart that illustrated her view of the complexities and distinctions between men and women.

“A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart” (shown above) reveals a complex system of canals, rivers, roads, and railroads that represent the web of choices and destinations available to an eligible young woman. The map suggests that “Good Sense, Discrimination, Patience, Hope, and Enthusiasm” all lead to the “Country of Solid Worth”. And “Coquetry, Caprice, and Selifishness” lead to the “Land of Oblivion”. By contrast, the map of a man’s heart suggests a much simpler view of the heart as a citadel, bristling with defenses intended to ward off attack.

Today, in 2014, Datastory still uses maps to understand the complexities of the heart. The difference is, we use data. Our approach is based on ancient wisdom that asserts “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” By making maps of “consumer expenditures”, we reveal where people spend their treasure–and this reveals their heart.

Whether you’re in the business of serving customers, patients, members, or donors, Datastory offers you a new view of your people. We help you see their heart. As this becomes clear, you’ll create and market products and services that align with their values, goals, hopes and dreams. It’s win-win for everyone.

Datastory reveals the hearts of people so that our clients can make better decisions.