Auburn Career Center: Creative Solutions with Location Intelligence

Vocational careers are a critical part of the economy, but many local school systems lack the resources they need to identify which jobs are most in demand, and how to place students in those jobs. Auburn Career Center (Auburn), based in Lake County, Ohio, is committed to filling that gap.
They turned to MapDash to help them align their marketing and recruitment efforts based on actual workforce needs, better serve students and employers, and increase enrollment across the board.
And as the country faces historic economic change and uncertainty, that clarity in strategic vision is proving more important than ever.

Making More Confident Decisions

MapDash allowed Auburn to see which jobs and industries were growing, which were shrinking, and where. It revealed deeper patterns about workforce demographics that gave Auburn confidence in knowing which programs employers would actually find valuable, and where the students who might be interested in filling them were.
From one view, Auburn could see where to market certain programs and all of the opportunities that might be available to people in that area. MapDash helped reduce the uncertainty around Auburn’s decision-making process.
“It allows us to think through all the possibilities of potential impact, and act not just on speculation – but what the data tells us,” says Dr. Brian Bontempo, Auburn’s Superintendent. “It’s given us the data structure to drive our organization now and allow us to plan for the future.”

Empowering Creative, Collaborative Solutions

Insights from MapDash helped Auburn increase enrollment in their programs. It also helped forge better relationships between the state government, local education systems, and regional employers who could benefit from the programs’ success.
That collaboration is critical for economic growth, especially as students enter an economy facing historic challenges.
Organizationally, MapDash gave Auburn’s staff a newfound freedom to innovate and think outside the box. Their entire team could access the same information from anywhere.
“It allows people to be more creative in their thoughts, and let the data answer the question,” says Dr. Bontempo. “We used to rely on the enrollment coordinator to know all the answers – now she can spend more time working on solutions or tactics. It gives us confidence and makes us better collaborators.”

Strategy Grounded in Data

Can you see the whole story hidden in your data?
Our tools can help you ask better questions and make more confident decisions through access to clear, data-grounded insights.
We’d love to talk to you about how resources like MapDash can help your business reduce uncertainty and gain clarity to plan for the future. Contact us today.