MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services


Home: Lutherville, Maryland
Serving: Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Southeast Pennsylvania


MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services is one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the Baltimore metropolitan area, with more than 140 associates and offices in Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Lutherville, and Maple Lawn, Maryland. As a company dealing with buildings and space management, MacKenzie has relied on maps to view information for the past 20 years. During most of this time, however, the process was cumbersome and time-consuming. MacKenzie staff would pull aerial photographs off the web, use Adobe Illustrator to plot listings, then draw road and highway labels by hand.


Today, with the help of Datastory, MacKenzie has transformed its use of maps. By using ArcGIS to understand and analyze vast amounts of data used at every stage of the commercial real estate life cycle, we’re helping MacKenzie brokers and their clients make better decisions, faster. From the field to the boardroom, decisions are being made based on data and trends in the marketplace.


The ArcGIS platform enables tenant-rep brokers to perform tenant searches. Landlord-rep brokers gain a better understanding of “good fit” tenants by analyzing market demand. And investment sales are supported by maps that tell potential buyers about the local marketplace.


While MacKenzie’s needs vary depending on the type of client being served, the workflow and business tools created by Datastory enable MacKenzie brokers and clients to work together to craft proactive strategies about their real estate.