The Children’s Guild: A Wider Welcome Through Mapping

Client:  The Children’s Guild

Mission: Innovative education for children, including those with learning challenges
Corporate Headquarters: Baltimore, MD (serving Maryland and Washington DC)

Their Challenge

The Children’s Guild wanted to increase enrollment for its educational programs, which provide a range of innovative services to children – including those with learning challenges and disabilities. Critical to their strategic growth would be incisive data that could help identify children and families who might be attracted to their schools. In particular, they wanted to understand patterns in the data that would provide insights into those who currently attend their schools and help them reach out to similar students and families.

Our Solution

We transformed enrollment data about current students and their families into map layers that enabled The Children’s Guild to actually visualize patterns in the data and identify characteristics of families who find their schools appealing. Our work began by mapping the geographic locations of current attendees, and analyzing the distances traveled to services. These analyses were presented alongside market context data to reveal family spending habits, hobbies and employment. By consolidating and harmonizing this data, we provided The Children’s Guild with a powerful tool to enhance their marketing efforts and connect more quickly and efficiently with prospective students and their families.

The Result

The Children’s Guild is now able to use visual data to extend its reach further in those areas and communities that already provide numerous students, as well as expand into promising locations that had been largely untapped.


“Thanks to Datastory we’re far more strategic in our outreach,” says Duane Arbogast, Chief Innovation Officer. “Now we’re opening our doors to students and families we would never have connected with before.”

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