EyeCare Services Partners: A Clear Vision for Growth

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Client:  EyeCare Services Partners

Mission: Create the nation’s leading eye care services platform
Corporate Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Their Challenge

EyeCare Services Partners (ESP) wanted to expand its footprint well beyond the Baltimore market through the acquisition of market leading, regional eye care practices. ESP needed confidence that the criteria for underwriting and investment went beyond traditional financial metrics.  It was essential to determine if the practices were operating in a healthy growth market, or one that might limit their future growth potential. ESP needed to acquire and digest data in a way that enabled the Company to make quick and smart decisions.

Our Solution

For ESP to make sound decisions more quickly, their acquisition team needed immediate real-time access to critical data. We responded by putting a great deal of data at their fingertips, using integrative maps that provided all new insights. With direct access to this location intelligence, the ESP team could reach reliable conclusions without the time-wasting practice of sending data “down the hall” for analysis.

The Result

EyeCare Services Partners has leveraged data to grow rapidly across the country – today ESP operates over 100 clinical and surgery center locations across seven states and Washington D.C..


“Datastory has empowered our market diligence process so that we make better decisions with more confidence,” says Chris Fusco, Chief Development Officer. “We have benefited tremendously from their cutting edge technology.”

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