Live Baltimore: Sharing Their Love for City Living

Family posing with I love City Life sign

Client:  Live Baltimore

Mission:  Non-profit promoting residence in Baltimore
Corporate Headquarters:  Baltimore, Maryland

Their Challenge

Live Baltimore has a mission of attracting residents to Baltimore and retaining those who currently reside there—a critical goal for a city that wants to stabilize and grow its population. To help invigorate the city, Live Baltimore promotes financial incentives for homebuyers, homeowners and renters—including grants and loan programs—as well as offering custom tours of the city and showcasing Baltimore’s cultural attractions.

As a non-profit, Live Baltimore wanted to ground their process in data analytics and tell their story in a clear and engaging way. Doing so would help ensure the support they need for future success. But Live Baltimore faced a dizzying amount of data which was a challenge for the small, non-profit.

Our Solution

Datastory understood from Live Baltimore that they needed to target areas of greatest opportunity and provide grants more efficiently. That meant knowing just where their activities were working and where they were falling short.

Datastory responded by curating data from multiple sources, including data that Live Baltimore did not even know existed, and integrated this location intelligence to deploy MapDash.  This web-based dashboard enabled Live Baltimore, for the first time, to visualize their data in ways that made it both insightful and easy to digest. With MapDash at their fingertips, Live Baltimore could overlay data to quickly reveal trends in various parts of the city and capitalize on opportunities.

The Result

Live Baltimore has been far more strategic in their actions and this has translated into greater engagement with key partners and customers on several fronts.  For example, more potential homebuyers have been attending Live Baltimore’s home tours, and they are participating in greater numbers in Live Baltimore workshops that connect buyers to resources that can help them purchase homes.  Live Baltimore has also been able to provide useful data to the City as well as to Community Development Corporations (CDCs). Moreover, Live Baltimore keeps expanding the geographic scope of their customers beyond Maryland—a reach that included 46 states and several foreign countries in 2018.


“Datastory’s platform has provided us with the ability to visualize and interpret our data in ways we had not been able to before. Their work has helped us learn more from the data and focus our efforts more strategically.” – Annie Milli, Executive Director, Live Baltimore

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