MacKenzie Real Estate & Upstream Physical Therapy: Location Intelligence Enables Rapid Growth

MacKenzie Real Estate & Upstream Physical Therapy: Location Intelligence Enables Rapid Growth


What if you could turn a process that used to take multiple days into one that required little more than an hour over a video call?


For MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate’s team, that’s exactly what happened when they used MapDash to help advise Upstream Rehabilitation in its nationwide expansion efforts.

Data-Based Decisions From Anywhere

With multiple brands of sites and outpatient centers in its portfolio, Upstream has one of the largest footprints in the physical therapy industry. But in the past, selecting new sites for additional facilities required multi-day visits. While that gave Upstream’s team a basic “lay of the land,” it revealed little in the way of meaningful context about the local population and what it meant for their business.


MapDash allowed MacKenzie’s real estate brokerage team to show Upstream the communities where their potential clients were, how they were changing on a demographic level, and which ones were poised to be successful.


Being able to clearly and instantly show virtually any type of data on a map helped MacKenzie differentiate itself in terms of what it could provide to Upstream. More importantly, it led to results.


The insights from MapDash and MacKenzie’s advisors helped Upstream expand to over 100 new locations in a single year.


And MacKenzie’s team was able to advise Upstream on a completely remote basis.


“With MapDash, nobody has to drive around in a car for six hours wasting their time. We tell them, ‘give me an hour, and we’ll tell you what to look for.’ Then they can use their local knowledge,” said Tom Mottley, Senior VP of Brokerage at MacKenzie. “Our contacts are amazed. They say ‘the amount of information we can now get in an hour saved me two days of work.'”

See Your Data in Context

MapDash gave Upstream the ability to see the potential impact of their decisions. Drive times to a new site, age and health information about the community, and proximity to other health care centers were all visible with just a few clicks.


While these data points were available before, it wasn’t until they were all clearly visualized on a map – in context with each other – that Upstream was able to make such confident decisions.


“We provide comprehensive demographics that our contacts cannot find locally. They’re blown away by the type of information we can give them,” says Mottley. “This is really helping them make better decisions.”

Better Decisions From Anywhere

Is your business utilizing all of the information at your disposal in the most effective way? Tools like MapDash can help you make better, faster decisions with more confidence. And we can help you make those decisions from anywhere.


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