Montgomery Business Development Corporation

Montgomery Business Development Corporation Helps Businesses Thrive

Home: Rockville, Maryland
Serving: Montgomery County, Maryland


The Montgomery Business Development Corporation (MBDC) is an apolitical organization established in 2010 that provides a business-friendly perspective on economic development issues, including strategic planning, retaining and attracting business, and legislative and regulatory advocacy. The county, which boasts over a million well educated citizens has traditionally been viewed as simply a suburb of Washington, DC, without a distinct identity of its own. One of MBDC’s key goals has been to reveal the unique identify of the county as a great home for businesses.


To overcome this misperception, MBDC approached Datastory to help reveal this untold story. Using Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform, we implemented a map-based clearinghouse of data and maps that provide business leaders and government officials with a clearer view of the County.


Since implementation, MBDC has become the authoritative source of data for businesses and government with fast and easy access to data about demographic trends, economic incentives, and key governmental data such as zoning, property ownership, traffic counts, and new development. The small, but mighty, staff are creating maps that highlight development opportunities for prospective businesses, and they’re sharing map-based stories of their success with government officials.


The hidden story of opportunity within Montgomery County continues to be revealed and it’s attracting new businesses and helping them thrive.


“I have a small staff, and a huge vision. Datastory has helped us look like rock stars by giving us the data, tools, and training required to accomplish the vision.”

-Holly Sullivan