Montgomery County’s Powerful Story—Powerfully Told

Montgomery County, Maryland has a great story to tell … but it needed to be told in a dynamic new way.


That was the goal of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) when they asked us to tell the County’s story through data-driven maps. They trusted us to highlight the most compelling metrics that sustain and grow business success in the County.


So we got to work, pulling from a wide range of public and private sources to capture the most eye-opening and persuasive insights. From there, Datastory crafted an interactive map-based presentation that highlights through color-coded maps the strengths of the region, including talent and education, connectivity, the life science and cybersecurity businesses landscape, and quality of life indicators such as diversity and sustainability.


Impressed by the presentation’s impact, MCEDC launched a marketing campaign around it that included a collection of “Strength in Numbers” videos featuring the interactive maps and the stories they conveyed about the County. Both the videos and the Datastory can be viewed here on the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation’s website:  You can also watch “Strength in Numbers” segmented videos on this YouTube channel:



We are especially gratified by the enthusiastic reaction we received from David Petr, President and CEO of MCEDC:


“We’re in the business of promoting the strength of Montgomery County to businesses large and small. Datastory helped us go beyond words and charts by bringing our story to life through colorful, data-grounded maps that engage people in a wonderful way.”


You have a powerful story too — and we can help you see it.

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