NAIOP Maryland

NAIOP Maryland Informs Decision Makers Through the Lens of a Map


Home: Elkridge, Maryland

Serving: Maryland’s Real Estate Community


The National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) Maryland represents the state’s commercial real estate industry before the General Assembly, state agencies and local governments. As the leading advocate for the commercial real estate industry, NAIOP faces the challenge of presenting complex data-driven positions to legislators who have limited time to evaluate each issue.


To help organize, analyze, and advocate issues affecting NAIOP members, Datastory provides location analytics, delivered through interactive maps that provide clarity, simplicity, and insight. Powered by data-driven maps, NAIOP better understands how its membership is impacted by the issues they face. The maps illustrate the larger statewide implications but also show legislators how their districts are affected.


“Datastory has provided NAIOP with the capability to visually present data through maps that reveal powerful stories to our members and state legislators.”
-Tom Ballentine (Vice President for Policy and Government Relations)