Retina Associates

Retina Associates, P.C. Identifies and Acts on Potential

Home: Baltimore-Washington
Serving: Baltimore-Washington region

An ophthalmology practice with eight locations in the Baltimore-Washington region, Retina Associates, P.C. (“Retina”) is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and care of retinal diseases. In 2011, Retina participated in a series of presentations by MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC, hosted by the Maryland Chapter of the Medical Group Management Association, on the unique challenges the medical community faces with respect to their commercial real estate needs. Recognizing the time and commitment it would require to relocate two existing offices, the practice manager reached out to MacKenzie and its partner, Datastory Consulting, for assistance.

MacKenzie and Datastory were engaged to assist Retina in determining the optimal location for two facilities in need of relocation. In addition, the team was asked to develop a long-term growth strategy for future expansion. To help Retina uncover new opportunities and understand current market conditions, a map-based market analysis was created that analyzed areas of interest in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor. The MacKenzie-Datastory team was able to assist Retina in identifying the true market potential of their existing locations and classify potential growth opportunities. To date, the firm has completed the relocation of its Rockville office and is in the process of relocating a Columbia location. A long term growth map was also established and will be implemented as market conditions develop and opportunities present themselves.