Stellar Development

Stellar Development Gains Clarity in New Markets


Home: Lubbock, TX
Serving: Texas, Arizona, Tennessee


Stellar Development is a value driven, value focused real estate company that’s been investing in, developing, and managing multifamily properties since 1990. Their investment strategy for new assets is very selective, only investing in those with significant potential for increased value. With their expansion into new, and sometimes unfamiliar markets, Stellar faces the ongoing challenge of clearly characterizing each project according to the company’s strict investment criteria. To gain clarity, Stellar reached to Datastory to implement a map-based platform that provides insight into each new market. We implemented a suite of Esri software that facilitates the research, analysis, and presentation of each prospective site. Our team curated a vast collection of hyperlocal government data that complements the rich demographic and business data provided by Esri. As more detail is needed for a project, our specialists create new analysis and push the results into interactive maps for Stellar’s team to explore. Today, Stellar has anytime, anywhere access to data, maps, and analyses that inform each new investment opportunity. Their investment team can quickly create maps and reports that inform each decision. It’s a data-driven approach that’s helping Stellar make better decisions faster.


“Datastory is our go-to partner for data-driven market insight. They’ve put an amazing collection of data at our fingertips, and it’s transformed the way we make decisions.”

-Paul Stell (Co-founder, Managing Director)