StoryPoint Senior Living: Clarifying Market Strategy

StoryPoint Clarifies Market Strategy


StoryPoint Senior Living operates luxurious senior living communities throughout 6 states in the midwest. They are one of the nation’s most respected property management companies, and a division of Unified Property Group, the Midwest’s largest fee management company.


With a solid brand and an aggressive growth goal to expand its footprint, StoryPoint’s market planning team lacked clarity on exactly where market opportunity was greatest. They recognized the importance of location in their analysis, and the need to use a data-driven approach to drive business strategy.


After evaluating various solutions in the marketplace, StoryPoint identified Esri’s ArcGIS as the best platform to gain needed insight. The leadership tapped Datastory to lend our expertise applying Esri technology to real estate planning. Our team worked with StoryPoint’s lead business analyst to translate their spreadsheet-based demand model into an interactive analytic view of the entire US. This new vantage point empowered them to rapidly evaluate market opportunities using location analytics, and share the analysis with the management team using maps.


Armed with a powerful, map-based view of the marketplace, StoryPoint is making better business decisions, faster and with confidence. They’re exploring new opportunities to expand, and prioritizing their strategy by quantifying each market of interest.