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Location Analytics

Within the rapidly growing world of “business analytics,” many decision makers face an analytic blind spot: location. Datastory brings insight to both simple spreadsheets and complex business intelligence software by performing location analytics. Our analysis typically culminates in an interactive GeoVantage™ Market Analysis Report.

If you’re simply looking at the patterns in the data you already collect, you’re limited to discoveries about the things you “know you don’t know.” But when Datastory creates an aWHEREness for your data, you discover the things you “don’t know you don’t know” about your organization.

We start with the data you already have, data about your customers, patients, members, donors, staff, leases, marketing, and business locations. We then access the “hidden” contextual marketplace data that can be helpful for your business challenge. Once we combine datasets, our location analytics reveal patterns in demographics, lifestyles, consumer spending, and market potential. Understanding the DNA of your marketplace helps you clarify risks and opportunities. When we layer in hyperlocal data, things like tax incentive zones, development patterns, and other place-based government policy, you can enlighten your strategy and enrich your marketing efforts.

Case Stories

NAIOP Maryland

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Ann Arbor, MI


case-study, ESRI Software Implementation, Industries We Serve, Location Analytics, Real Estate