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Better business decisions start with better data. And more data is better, but only if that data is useful and easy to find.

MapDash™ by Datastory, is a new kind of business dashboard that offers a unique approach to organize and analyze data. It’s map-based business dashboard gives you instant access to your most helpful business data anytime, anywhere.

Our team learns what data you need to have at your fingertips, and we leverage the ArcGIS Online platform to configure this content for easy access. We combine business data with a wealth of contextual marketplace data and wrap it in a simple yet powerful application.

MapDash™ leverages the scalability, security, and availability of ArcGIS Online, Esri’s world-class mapping platform. Whether you’re in the boardroom presenting on the big screen, or out in the field researching from your tablet or smartphone, you’ll see your data in a new way and make better decisions, faster.

Using the map as a new kind of whiteboard, you can easily collaborate with other stakeholders. MapDash™ uses the power of maps to make data “decideable,” creating a foundation for location analytics that helps leaders make better business decisions.

Example Dashboards

MapDash™ for Leases

MapDash™ for Leases is a focused deployment of MapDash™ based on a common pattern in commercial real estate: lease management. MapDash™ allows brokers and portfolio managers to proactively create a strategy for lease renewals instead of simply reacting to lease expiration dates. We’ve created a data management tool that facilitates the creation of “lease abstracts” which appear on the map in the context of other market and hyperlocal data. MapDash™ for Leases puts all your leases, data, and research in your pocket.

MapDash™ for Listings

MapDash™ for Listings is a focused deployment of MapDash™ that allows organizations to visually showcase a map-based tour of their portfolio. Useful for brokers to highlight their listings, or landlords to highlight available commercial space, MapDash™ helps prospects understand the “where” of each opportunity.

Case Stories

Retina Associates

case-study, Healthcare, Industries We Serve, Map-Based Business Intelligence Dashboards

Stellar Development

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