MapDash™ is an innovative, web-based dashboard that strategically guides you to faster, more informed business decisions. It integrates your data with contextual marketplace data from a deep well of trusted sources, including local, state, federal, and private data sources, many specific to your industry.

MapDash enables you to explore and analyze areas of interest, overlay and understand multiple data layers, visualize data previously obscured in spreadsheets, and more. MapDash’s user- friendly interface allows you to easily manage and explore layers of information, providing relevant and helpful perspectives for making business decisions.

Whether you’re immersed in strategic planning or presenting your findings to stakeholders, MapDash contextualizes your data, informs your ideas, and makes your goals more attainable.

Optimized for your industry

MapDash is oriented toward specific industries, such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Economic Development, Non-Profits, Faith Communities, and more.

MapDash for Real Estate

MapDash™ for Real Estate

MapDash for Real Estate empowers brokers, developers, and investors with data-driven insight about new and existing markets. It enables marketing professionals to create data-rich collateral that is engaging and differentiating. By curating and combining demographics, lifestyles consumer behavior, and workforce data alongside parcels, zoning, and other hyperlocal map sources, MapDash enhances location intelligence, and provides unparalleled insight into:

  • Market Development
  • Site Selection
  • Marketing
  • Operations
MapDash for Healthcare

MapDash™ for Healthcare

MapDash for Healthcare delivers data-grounded insight to healthcare executives and decision-makers. By curating data about demographics, payor mix, healthcare facilities, and much more, MapDash enhances location intelligence, and provides unparalleled insight into:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Medical Staff Development
  • Community Integration
  • Site Selection
  • Marketing
  • Operations
MapDash for Faith Communities

MapDash™ for Faith Communities

MapDash for Faith Communities empowers congregational and diocesan leaders to make data-grounded decisions about missional planning. With maps that include congregation locations, population characteristics and community issues, 15-minute drive time boundaries, and congregations’ areas of greatest influence, MapDash delivers new insights that lead to informed and impactful decisions.


MapDash™ for Nonprofits

MapDash for Nonprofits facilitates your understanding of members, donors, and strategic community partners. Powered by a curated collection of data about demographics and community assets, MapDash enhances location intelligence, and provides unparalleled insight into:

  • Fund development
  • Member engagement
  • Policy advocacy
  • Community partnerships

MapDash™ for _____________________

Imagine combining your data with thousands of other trusted data sources to create custom insights specific to your business. Our deep understanding of a variety of industries has enabled us to create MapDash solutions for:

  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Economic Development
  • Fund Development
  • More…

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