What’s Your Data Horoscope?

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Predicting the future of your business.

I have a theory about psychics and fortune tellers. They’re not actually psychic. They’re just really good at understanding people, and their expertise is a combination of intuition and wisdom gained through experience. Part of their magic is starting off with a vague statement that resonates with most people, like “Someone you love is in trouble…” and then they read subtle cues in your body language as they play a psycho-behavioral game of hotter-colder. Their exploration and observation of your life creates a heightened awareness of what’s true today and a new perspective about what’s possible in the future.

This is strangely similar to what we do at Datastory–just without the mysticism. Our clients know a lot about their business, but they also have blind spots. We start out with some basic questions like “Where are your customers, patients, members, or donors?” As we turn those spreadsheets into maps, we see subtle cues in the data that help us ask more complex questions like “Where are there more people that match the profile of your best clients?” Each question and answer brings more clarity about patterns in the data and opportunities in the market.

So, it’s true that we help our clients predict their future. We’ve just traded a crystal ball for a map. Instead of viewing fuzzy images through a glass orb, we explore patterns in data through the lens of GIS technology. It helps us tell stories about what’s true and possible for your business, and you can clearly see what the future holds.

How clearly can you see your future?