ZIP Code Maps are Old-School

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I hear a lot of business leaders talk about how they made a ZIP code map to better understand their customers, patients, employees, members, or donors.

Unfortunately, they’re missing out on a lot of insight.

There are approximately 43,000 ZIP codes in the US. By contrast, there are around 218,000 census block groups, each with hundreds of demographic and lifestyle characteristics assigned to it by the Esri, the world leader in geographic data and technology.

That’s 5x more insight that’s available…if you’ve got the right lens to see it.

At Datastory, we offer greater clarity into your business data. You simply provide us with a list of addresses, and we’ll provide you with decideable data that helps you understand more about who your people are, and where to find more of them.

Here’s how it works:


We turn your spreadsheet of addresses into intelligent points on a map.



Profile_TapestryBlock Group Data

High-resolution data from Esri provides the canvas onto which we overlay the customer locations. Each dot is assigned the information from the block group where it falls, including demographics and lifestyles.





The data is rolled up into stats and graphs that summarize dominant lifestyles and key demographic stats such as income, age, employment and more. This insight enables you to fine-tune your marketing efforts.




Target Areas

Using the insight derived from your list of addresses, we identify areas where you are most likely to find high concentrations of your best customers, patients, employees, members, or donors.



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